Shareholder & Director Disputes

Last updated on August 8th, 2022 at 09:54 am

As a new or experienced director and/or shareholder, you will appreciate that owning or running a business can be exciting and rewarding.  However, when a business relationship breaks down or things do not go as planned, this can give rise to tensions and disputes between the shareholders and directors.

At JLN we have considerable experience in assisting shareholders and directors resolve their disputes as amicably as possible, preserve relationships where possible and move forward constructively.  Our overriding objective is to resolve disagreements of all sizes swiftly, cost-effectively and where possible without the involvement of the court.

JLN’s team of outcome focused solicitors are available to guide and offer assistance that ensures the least disruption to the business and all parties.  We act for companies, shareholders (majority and minority shareholders), directors, partners, limited liability, partnership members and joint venture partnerships in an array of disputes and are familiar with the common issues that arise and how best to resolve them.

Our area of expertise include:

  • breach of director duties;
  • breach of shareholder agreements;
  • director / shareholder performance issue dispute;
  • director misfeasance claims;
  • director dismissal / removal;
  • directors / shareholders deadlock;
  • disagreements between directors / shareholders;
  • partnership / limited liability / joint venture partnership disputes;
  • earn out disputes;
  • unfair prejudice petitions;
  • bringing a derivative action;
  • variation of shareholders rights;
  • independent valuation of the shares relating to a dispute;
  • shareholder buy outs, whether by the company using its own reserves or by other shareholders and individuals outside of the company; and
  • personal claims against the company.

We understand the stress and concern about the financial and other damaging consequences of being involved in a business dispute.  We will therefore at the inception work with you to understand your concerns and objectives so as to evaluate the commercial benefits of litigation and where appropriate alternative means of dispute resolution (e.g., mediation, round table discussions with all parties in dispute etc) against settlement.  In any case, most disputes settle within a few rounds of correspondence and protracted disputes are unusual.

We provide clear costs, tailored, tactical and strategic advice to your situation. Working alongside our team of corporate solicitors, we also provide advice on structuring, negotiating and formalising any deal agreed as a compromise to settle a shareholder and/or director dispute.

The law on shareholder and director disputes can be complex, technical and the outcome of disputes can be driven by the right tactical decisions made at the beginning.  Likewise these disputes also can be resolved quickly if the correct approach is taken.  Should you find yourself embroiled in such a situation we recommend you seek legal advice without delay.

We offer a free, no-cost, no-obligation 20-minute call with dedicated members of the team with expertise in this field.  We are happy to discuss a focused approach that ensures quick and cost-effective dispute resolution to suit your needs.