Vaccination Exemption Letter

Generic Vaccination Exemption Letter

This is an easily-adaptable letter to an employer (e.g., the NHS) which you can use to refuse Covid-19 vaccinations as a condition of employment, studentship or placement. It is well-established at both common law and statute that no-one can be forced to take medical treatment in the UK and anyone doing so, or attempting to do so, exposes themselves to criminal and / or civil liability.

Detailed guidance notes also clearly guide you through adapting the letter to suit your needs. It includes potential space for appendices in case you have supporting documents you would like to include. These could be a statutory declaration, a letter of exemption from Covid-19 vaccination from a doctor, your medical history or any other relevant medical information.

An in-depth analysis of the relevant laws and legal principles has been conducted, as well as detailed exploration of UK Government regulations.

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