Last updated on February 17th, 2020 at 06:24 pm

We’re a SRA regulated firm of solicitors who focus on advising entrepreneurs, senior managers and investors in respect of their UK legal needs. Our clients are based throughout the UK and around the world.

Our team consists of employed paralegals, trainees and solicitors operating from our central office in Mid-Sussex, who combine seamlessly with a remote network of trusted specialist and experienced self-employed solicitors we know well who contract with us as consultants. Plus, whenever we ourselves are too busy or a client’s requirements do not match our experience, we always seek to make a valuable introduction to the right type of specialist lawyer, or other professional, to suit any budget (as far as possible).

In comparison to the silo-thinking and high overhead model of traditional service providers wholly reliant on retained employees on high salaries within physical office spaces in expensive locations, we see the superiority of adopting technology in a smart way and collaborating in an agile and flexible manner with the best possible people no matter where they are based.

Despite no material capital or marketing expenditure (yet) our approach has so far worked well. Our last quarter’s turnover (for the period ending August 2019) represented a more than six fold increase in comparison to the quarter (less than two years previously) before Jonathan moved into an office and the company hired its first employee.

If we keep up this rate of growth we are on track to be one of the world’s largest law firms with a turnover in excess of £500 million by 2030. Given the difficulties of growing a business, not least a highly regulated one, this is probably not possible (or desirable), but in any case our mission statement is to be one of the UK’s top 100 law firms by that time.

Please see this article for an overview of our business that was recently published in Sussex’s Town & County magazine, while the case studies section of our website gives some good examples of the matters we work on.

Although very much business focused, since the end of 2019 we have started to develop a private client offering, led my our wills and probate solicitor Chris Lawn.

Further information on us can be found on these pages:

This short video produced by The University of Law also gives some insight into how we work: