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Finding & Assessing The Right ‘Broker’ To Sell Your Business

 Published 37 days ago

The right professional assistance improves the odds of achieving a successful sale on the right terms. How does one find the “right” adviser?

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Free Celebrity Personal Appearance Agreement

 Published 43 days ago

An example anonymised template agreement between a company and a celebrity (or their trading entity) in respect of a personal appearance to be made at an event.


Venture Capital and SEIS and EIS Angel Equity Investment Legal Terms

 Published 65 days ago

A guide to common UK legal terms and concepts relating to raising VC and angel equity investment.


How To Sell A Company For An Increased Valuation

 Published 100 days ago

Take away the veil of mystery that surrounds the valuation process and in reality there are things you can do well in advance of any prospective sale or exit event to ensure that you get the best possible valuation.

Jonathan Lea Brexit

What Are The Post Brexit Legal Implications For UK Start-Ups And Small Businesses?

 Published 109 days ago

Nearly a year after the vote, this article explores what are, or likely to be, the actual post Brexit legal implications and changes for the UK’s startups and small businesses.


How A Solicitor Assists A Buyer Acquiring A Company

 Published 133 days ago

A solicitor brings their specialist legal skills and knowledge along with their practical experience, objective advice and an ability to handle the wealth of issues that are going to need careful scrutiny, attention and ultimately resolution.


Why The UK Government’s Attack On The Self-Employed Is Counterproductive

 Published 144 days ago

The UK government’s increased tax and regulatory burdens on the self-employed are counterproductive and damaging to the UK economy as the small self-employed entrepreneur is driven back to employment, or even unemployment.


How To Exit And Sell A Company

 Published 147 days ago

This article gives an overview of a few of the main exit strategy options an entrepreneur will need to consider if they are thinking of leaving or selling their company.

SEIS Image

How To Apply For SEIS Advance Assurance

 Published 646 days ago

A guide to successfully applying for SEIS advance assurance from HMRC.

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Declarations Of Trust For UK Property

 Published 689 days ago

How declarations of trust are used in property transactions when two or more people decide to buy a property together.

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What Are EMI Option Schemes And How Do They Work

 Published 701 days ago

EMI option schemes are intended to help companies retain valued employees and to reward the employees for investing their time and skills in helping the company grow.


Manufacturing & Distribution Licence Agreement

 Published 789 days ago

The owner of a product licenses it to another party to manufacture, distribute and market the product in a defined territory in return for royalties.

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