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How To Qualify For EIS Tax Relief

 Published 60 days ago

An overview of some of the main Enterprise Investment Scheme rules and conditions which an investor and the investee company will need to comply with, both before and after the investment is made.

How To Register A Declaration Of Trust At The Land Registry

 Published 72 days ago

An overview of how individuals in the UK who own property/land jointly with another person or persons can inform third parties of the operation of a trust between them (that details their ownership interests in the property) by registering a declaration of trust at the Land Registry by way of entering a restriction on the register.

How To Carry Out A Private Company Pre-Emptive Open Offer

 Published 74 days ago

How a company can raise additional funds and issue new shares by carrying out a pre-emptive open offer to the existing shareholders before any remaining balance are offered to new investors.

How To Complete The SEIS 1 And EIS 1 Compliance Statement And Claim The Tax Reliefs

 Published 81 days ago

Following a company raising investment pursuant to SEIS and/or EIS, an overview of the process whereby the company submits a compliance statement in order to receive certificates that are then distributed to investors who can then claim their individual tax reliefs.

Why And How To Subdivide A Company’s Share Capital

 Published 86 days ago

The main reasons why a company might want to subdivide the nominal value of its existing share capital, together with an overview of the process required in order to effect such share split.