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Last updated on November 24th, 2020 at 02:37 pm

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We are a firm of solicitors based in Haywards Heath, Mid-Sussex. We work with clients throughout the UK and around the world, adopting a tailored, pragmatic and clear approach to each matter we take on.

Put simply, through our work we aim to increase your profit, protection and free time. We only accept instructions on matters where we know we can add value and will always ensure that clients have the benefit of fee certainty, including a commitment to fixed fees where possible.

Changes to HMRC SEIS/EIS Guidance for Film and TV Companies

 Published 26 days ago

HMRC updated its Venture Capital Schemes Manual VCM8560 on 15 March 2021.

The update is regarding Example 3 of VCM8560 which presents an example of a qualifying film company.

The new guidance provides further clarity on how the risk-to-capital condition applies to Film and TV production companies that are seeking SEIS/EIS advance assurance approval.

A Guide to Convertible Loan Notes

 Published 75 days ago

Convertible Loan Notes (“CLN”) are loan notes which grant the holder a right to subscribe or convert the loan amount into shares in the relevant company. We will explore the potential benefits and drawbacks of using CLNs in more detail below, but they are often used as a form of bridging facility by start-up companies ahead of a future round of venture capital financing.

Where an investor invests in a company via a CLN, unlike a venture capital investment where equity is issued up-front, the investment amount will be treated as a loan to the company and (subject to the terms of the CLN) there will be an option or right to convert that amount into shares in the company at a later point in time. Another key difference when investing via a CLN as opposed to venture capital, is that the share price and most likely the class of share will not be known at the date of the investment.

Quick Guide on Contract Termination

 Published 75 days ago

This blog aims to provide a short overview and explanation of contract termination with key considerations for those creating contracts. Throughout this blog, we reference an article by Kira Systems on ‘How to Terminate a Contract’, which includes several useful infographics that demonstrate how to include a termination clause within a contract.

Employee Guidance Where Employers Demand Covid-19 Vaccination

 Published 86 days ago

The United Kingdom Medical Freedom Alliance (UKMFA), Lawyers for Liberty and The Workers Union of England have published an open letter to employers who are demanding Covid-19 Vaccination of Employees. Employees and potential employees are able to share this letter with employers who are proposing to mandate Covid-19 vaccines on their employees.

Can an investment be EIS qualifying if a company acquires intellectual property and/or generates revenue from royalties?

 Published 98 days ago

Can an investment be EIS qualifying if a company acquires intellectual property and/or generates revenue from royalties?

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is an attractive option to those wishing to grow their business and attract the attention of investors (by offering tax reliefs to those who invest).