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Last updated on September 16th, 2020 at 12:34 pm

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We are a firm of solicitors based in Haywards Heath, Mid-Sussex. We work with clients throughout the UK and around the world, adopting a tailored, pragmatic and clear approach to each matter we take on.

Put simply, through our work we aim to increase your profit, protection and free time. We only accept instructions on matters where we know we can add value and will always ensure that clients have the benefit of fee certainty, including a commitment to fixed fees where possible.

Why and how to protect intellectual property rights in the UK?

 Published 17 days ago

UK intellectual property (IP) law encompasses several different forms and types of IP such as copyright, trade marks, patents, design rights and trade secrets. IP is defined as any intangible creative work and, therefore, for legal purposes is considered an asset.

Your rights: Unfair and constructive dismissal

 Published 24 days ago

As the dust of the first and hopefully last wave of COVID-19 begins to settle and furlough schemes come to end, the damage to the job market is evidently palpable. The disparity between those looking for jobs and jobs available has been well documented. As more employees face redundancies and dismissal, knowing what rights you have as an employee will be paramount for navigating through this mess.

Understanding Commercial Contracts in the United Kingdom

 Published 39 days ago


A contract comprises a “legally enforceable agreement containing terms and conditions, defining the rights, duties and obligations of the parties”. 

Structuring property ventures

 Published 58 days ago

At its most basic level, property can be held either directly (by you as an individual, whether wholly or in partnership with another person(s)) or indirectly through a company or a discretionary trust. This note does not consider trust ownership of property or ownership through a self-invested personal pension (SIPP), but we can advise you on these areas if either is an option you would like to explore.

Incorporating a property rental business

 Published 58 days ago

Over the last few years there have been a litany of changes to the UK tax rules around the taxation of residential property ownership for business purposes. Many of the changes have been such that those who previously operated “buy-to-let” businesses in their personal capacity (as a sole trader or through a partnership) will have considered whether it is more tax effective to incorporate their personally held businesses into a company structure.