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We are a firm of solicitors based in Haywards Heath, Mid-Sussex. We work with clients throughout the UK and around the world, adopting a tailored, pragmatic and clear approach to each matter we take on.

Put simply, through our work we aim to increase your profit, protection and free time. We only accept instructions on matters where we know we can add value and will always ensure that clients have the benefit of fee certainty, including a commitment to fixed fees where possible.

What are alphabet shares and how are they used?

 Published 12 days ago

What are alphabet shares? Alphabet shares provide businesses with an alternative way of raising equity finance as their company begins to expand and more shareholders join the company. A company that is limited by shares will have been set up with a nominal number of ordinary shares in issue. Alphabet shares allow the business to […]

How to avoid trade mark infringement when choosing your company name

 Published 20 days ago

Finding a name that suits your business is an exciting part of starting a new business venture. A company’s name forms an integral part of its brand and it is therefore important to ensure that the name represents your product and avoids a potentially devastating trade mark infringement.

How to exchange and complete a business deal virtually

 Published 24 days ago

In today’s day and age virtual exchange and completion is becoming increasingly sought after, especially in relation to transactions that involve multiple parties who may be located in different jurisdictions.

How to apply for advance assurance from HMRC for an EMI share option scheme

 Published 31 days ago

To ensure that the EMI share option scheme being proposed meets the qualifying criteria it is important that you seek advance assurance from HMRC. This will enable HMRC to clarify any grey areas while reducing any uncertainty for the parties involved. Each advance assurance application is made by preparing and sending a letter to HMRC together with supporting documentation.

Advance Subscription Agreement: How they work and how to ensure SEIS/EIS compliance

 Published 37 days ago

Early stage companies with high growth aspire to gain quick and stable investment in order to survive. Traditional mechanisms of fundraising, including debt and equity investment are becoming less popular given the time, documentation and often disproportionate costs incurred. With the increased availability of private capital and seed enterprise investment scheme (“SEIS”) and enterprise investment […]