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We believe in cost transparency and certainty and providing the best possible services at prices you can budget for.  Apart from certain areas of work, like multi-party transactions and particularly fractious and uncertain litigation, we always look to provide people who contact us with competitive fixed fee quotes.  If anything is agreed to be done on a time incurred basis, we offer sensible hourly rates, keep you regularly updated on costs and look to complete matters in the most practical and time efficient manner possible.

We have a minimum fee of £500 plus VAT for any matter we take on, although sometimes we will go lower than this if a client’s requirements are particularly straightforward.

Our current hourly rates range from £175 plus VAT to £420 plus VAT. Our experienced solicitors only focus on areas where they can add value, while as much as possible will be delegated to our junior fee earners who will often be a client’s main point of contact and carry out the majority of work themselves (with direction and supervision where needed).

Our firm has a modern business model that helps drive down prices and add value in the following ways:

  • Our central retained team of fee earners are based in Haywards Heath, Mid-Sussex, a well connected but comparatively lower (than London etc) cost location in terms of office and salary overheads;
  • On a virtual basis we also work with a network of trusted specialist and experienced self-employed solicitors who bear many of their own operating costs and whose hourly rates charged to our clients are far less than if they were employed by an established ‘bricks and mortar’ law firm;
  • We utilise the latest technologies, particularly cloud computing and social media, to create efficiencies and make us more resourceful;
  • We have no burdensome partner model to support and none of our fee earners have any billable hours targets; and
  • We are highly networked which helps us find and create optimum solutions and leverage our influence and relationships for your benefit.

Disclaimer notice: These fees are guidelines only and reflect what we commonly charge. The Jonathan Lea Network reserves the right to change any fee. The fee is subject to change depending on the complexity of the matter. We can confirm in writing a definitive fee quote following a short complimentary introductory call.

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