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We believe in cost certainty and providing the best possible service for a client’s budget.

We generally have a minimum fee of £500 plus VAT to open a new file, although sometimes we will go lower than this if a client’s requirements are particularly straightforward.

Our experienced solicitors only focus on areas where they can add value, while as much work as possible will be delegated to our more junior fee earners so that we are able to provide as responsive and cost-effective a service as possible without compromising on quality.

Suitably able paralegals, trainee solicitors and assistant solicitors will often be a client’s main point of contact and carry out the majority of work themselves, with close direction and supervision from senior solicitors where needed in our highly collaborative open plan office environment.

Unlike other firms of a similar size to us, we put a lot of effort into finding and developing good graduates through our training programme. If we were instead more reliant on experienced solicitors to do all or most of the work then our fees would not be as competitive and it would be harder to successfully advise on time critical and / or larger multi-party matters.

We commonly have three main ways of charging clients.

These are:

  • firstly to provide an estimate and carry out the work pursuant to our hourly rates on a time incurred basis;
  • secondly to offer what we call ‘capped fixed fees’ for more straightforward matters; and
  • thirdly, usually for large commercial clients with ongoing legal needs, we can provide an attractive monthly retainer fee which involves a discount in respect of our usual hourly rates where we receive a certain volume of legal work.

More information on these three main ways of charging can be found on the following Basis For Charging page.

Disclaimer notice: These fees are guidelines only and reflect what we commonly charge. The Jonathan Lea Network reserves the right to change any fee. The fee is subject to change depending on the complexity of the matter. We can confirm in writing a definitive fee quote following a short complimentary introductory call.

Do you want a price based on your specific needs?

Send us a message using our online contact form, email us at wewillhelp@jonathanlea.net or give us a call on 01444 708 640 to speak to one of our team.

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This introductory call is to discuss your matter so we can provide a well-considered quote.


However, please be aware that the free 20 minute call is at our discretion. If you are more looking for advice and guidance on an initial call, we may instead offer a one-hour fixed fee appointment instead.


Our fixed fee appointments are between £200 – £300 + VAT depending on the seniority of the solicitor taking the call.


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