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The following values represent our approach to work:

Certainty: Wherever possible to agree fixed fees upfront for particular assignments and to only take on work where a client will really benefit.

Client alignment: To make a real effort to get to know both clients and what drives them, as well as the ins and outs of their business, in order to combine this understanding with practical experience and specialist know-how to develop great commercial solutions.

Collaboration: Not only a willingness, but a desire to work collaboratively with the best possible people both in the UK and internationally, to crowdsource, to outsource and to coordinate in order to provide clients with the best possible results at the least cost.  I believe this approach is the essence of knowledge work and is vital to success in an ever more interconnected world.  Knowledge is of two kinds, we know it ourselves and we know where to get it and in a digital world clients need a well connected web savvy adviser who can connect them to the best information, ideas and solutions.

Entrepreneurial: To embrace new technology and do things differently, to be creative and open minded, to adopt a spirit of adventure and opportunity and to embrace and drive change.

Exceed expectations: To provide every client with work that they consider both excellent and valuable.

Openness and honesty: To build great long term relationships with all clients based on trust and high levels of communication.

Positive: A passionate and determined attitude that won’t take “no” for an answer and always remains positive and optimistic, while at the same time realistic.

Responsiveness: Available at all times and an ability to make quick decisions unimpeded by a bureaucratic organisation.

Simplicity: To always keep things succinct and not to over-complicate, to distill complexity and provide straightforward answers while never boiling the ocean to make a cup of tea.

Synergy: To always look to help clients grow, by providing wider business knowledge and acting as an introducer to other business partners and collaborators where there are synergies for clients.

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