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Basis For Charging

Our hourly rates are competitive compared to other firms operating in London, Sussex and the South East generally (where most of our clients are based) and are kept under regular review.

2) Capped Fixed Fees

Once we have an understanding of the work involved, for more straightforward and shorter matters we can offer a fixed fee which is qualified (in case new issues arise) and incorporates a decent discount on what our fees would otherwise be if we were doing the work on a time incurred basis in accordance with our usual hourly rates.

We are usually able to complete the work without needing to charge anything other than the discounted capped fixed fee. However, where new issues or complications arise that we were not aware of, and did not include in our scope of work, at the outset (and which mean we may go over the fixed fee remit) we will notify clients and agree an additional fee for any further work needed.

3) Retainers

Where a client, usually an established company, has various ongoing legal requirements we will be happy to offer an attractive monthly retainer subscription. We will first fix a meeting to better understand a client’s requirements before shaping a retainer offer that is attractive for a client.

We are a full-service firm when it comes to advising businesses so we are usually able to ensure the retainer covers all the different legal areas you may need covering.

For larger companies, our aim is to make our retainer and the level of service and cost more attractive than it would otherwise be for a company to hire it’s own experienced in-house lawyer.

However, we also offer retainer packages for smaller companies starting at £500 a month equating to three hours of our time.

If not all the designated time is used in any given month, then some of that time can be rolled over into future months so it won’t be wasted but means the retainer allows the company to better spread their legal spend over the course of the year.

Our retainers allow for easy termination on one month’s notice.

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