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Last updated on June 8th, 2020 at 10:24 am

If you’d like us to help you we far prefer it if you can fill out the contact form below first with as much information as possible (you can attach any relevant documents), including an introduction to yourself and suitable times for a no cost and no obligation initial call.

For anyone looking to instruct us we always offer a no cost no obligation 20 minute call to discuss your matter, before then confirming a quote in writing. Having a good understanding of your requirements in advance of the call will help us make the most of the 20 minutes.

We find it difficult to engage constructively when we receive a call out of the blue as it will invariably be an inopportune time for us to spend a few minutes on the phone and we’ll find it hard to have anything useful to say when we have not had a chance to consider who you are, the relevant issues and what you require.

We will always respond more helpfully to a clearly completed contact form (or email), even if it’s to put you in touch with a better placed and well-matched lawyer when we ourselves are too busy.

Like any successful practice we will almost always have a packed schedule aiming to meet deadlines for existing clients. Therefore, so as to reduce email ping pong and the time it takes to arrange a time to speak, please allow at least a couple of days from the date of your email when suggesting times for an initial call. Early mornings and late afternoons work best for us.

If you can, please also include in your initial email, or the contact form, your LinkedIn profile or other web page as evidence of your identity. In an age of virtual working this helps us know and understand who you are.

If you prefer, instead of completing the contact form you can also email us in the first instance at

We also recommend you read our ‘how we work‘ page.

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