Legal Resources

Last updated on May 9th, 2019 at 06:57 pm

There are more and more great resources on the web that everyone can access. When people get in touch with us with a legal query, if we can, we’ll very often just direct them to the right page of a website in order to find the right answer.  Below we list some of the more common sources of useful legal content.

Business Brokerage

  • Although not legal information per se, we advise in respect of a lot of mergers and acquisitions and as a result are often asked whether we can recommend a business broker or corporate finance professional to help market and sell a business. If you are in such a situation then a great starting point to find exactly the right person is the UK Business Brokers website.


  • See the Charity Commission website for information about starting and managing a charity, as well as for the register of charities.

Commercial, IT and IP

  • The Out Law website has some great guides and information on an array of legal topics and industry sectors.

  • For guidance and resources about operating as a sales and marketing agent, as well as details about current opportunities for principals and agents see the UK Sales Agent Register.

  • The UK domain name registry Nominet’s site includes rules and guides relating to UK domain names and also details about their dispute resolution service, while Whois is a global domain name and registration data search facility.

  • For information about trade marks, design rights, patents, copyright and protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights, see the Intellectual Property Office website.


  • See the Companies House website for useful fact sheets, obtaining information about companies, statutory forms and a very responsive helpline for general advice and guidance.

  • If you need to find detailed information about companies and the people that run them, Duedil is a great, easy to use and modern portal – its also free!

  • For company information and due diligence services relating to companies registered in any jurisdiction throughout the world is a useful resource.

  • The Takeover Panel website gives information and guidance relating to the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers, a binding set of rules that apply to listed companies in the UK in relation to takeover situations.

  • The website of the FSA, which acts as the UK Listing Authority, includes the Disclosure and Transparency Rules, the Listing Rules and the Prospectus Rules in relation to the issue of securities to be traded on the financial markets, as well as more general information in respect of the FSA’s other regulatory areas.

Dispute resolution

  • If you have a dispute of less than £5,000 in value, the Small Claims Court is a county court procedure designed to be used without the assistance of a solicitor.  More information, including the claim form can be found at the Citizens Advice Bureau, while you can also issue the claim form online.

  • The British and Irish Legal Information Institute contains freely accessible British and Irish case law and legislation, European case law, Law Commission reports and other law related materials, including links to similar free resources in other jurisdictions.


  • For advice and guidance connected to employment and HR matters the ACAS website is a useful resource, while the government Justice site includes guidance and forms relating to Employment Tribunal claims.



  • The Land Registry website enables access to a range of information on land and property registered in the UK.


  • The HM Revenue & Customs site contains information about the plethora of taxes UK individuals and businesses are subject to, including relevant forms and calculators, as well as a responsive helpline.