Jonathan Lea Network expands its team with the addition of leasehold enfranchisement specialist Karen Muir - Jonathan Lea Network

Jonathan Lea Network expands its team with the addition of leasehold enfranchisement specialist Karen Muir

The Jonathan Lea Network (JLN), a reputable law firm based in Haywards Heath, proudly announces the recent addition of Karen Muir to its retained team. As a full-time senior paralegal, Karen brings a wealth of expertise, particularly in the field of leasehold enfranchisement, further enhancing JLN’s capabilities as a full-service law firm.

JLN has been on an upward path, expanding its team to meet the demands of a broader mix of legal work, with a specific focus on commercial property matters. Karen Muir‘s addition to the team aligns seamlessly with this strategic growth, bringing with her a specialism in leasehold enfranchisement, a complex and dynamic legal area.

Leasehold enfranchisement involves leaseholders or groups of residents acquiring the freehold or extending their leases, a process that often presents unexpected challenges for both parties involved. Karen Muir sheds light on the intricacies of this practice, stating, “It tends to be an area where many don’t know their options, including the landlord. For example, someone who has been left a property in a family member’s will could be surprised to find that it didn’t include the freehold and that they may need to extend the lease.”

Navigating this complex legal landscape requires a nuanced understanding of valuations, as Karen points out, “Often tenants may consider an 80-year lease to be more than enough time left for selling or refinancing, but find that there are few buyers or lenders to support such transactions.”

Leasehold enfranchisement is a field subject to regular changes in UK law, making it essential to have a knowledgeable and experienced legal team. Karen Muir, with her seven years of experience in this domain, is well-equipped to guide clients through the intricacies of the process, including Tribunal and Court applications.

In addition to her specialism in leasehold enfranchisement, Karen’s practice extends to areas such as The Right of First Refusal, Licences to Alter, Deeds of Variation, and all matters related to landlord and tenant law. With a focus on the Surrey and Sussex areas, Karen’s expertise further enhances JLN’s commitment to providing comprehensive legal services to its clients.

Leasehold enfranchisement, as Karen highlights, is not without its challenges, and timing is of the essence. “A mis-timed application for a Notice of Claim can result in delays of over a year,” she warns. With Karen Muir on board, JLN reaffirms its dedication to guiding clients through the correct legal procedures, ensuring timely and effective resolution in this intricate legal landscape. The addition of Karen underlines JLN’s commitment to excellence and its position as a leading full-service law firm.

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Katie is an experienced marketing and office manager who has a wide range of skills and experience. She has been working within an office environment for over 20 years. She joined The Jonathan Lea Network in March 2020 as Office Manager.

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