Free Social Media Policy: Empowering Communicators

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This policy is based on a combination of the good points found in the publically available policies of such organisations as Dell, Ogilvy, Yahoo and the BBC.

Companies like Zappos have been lauded for their use of social media in helping to rapidly build and expand their business. With social media becoming an ever more critical communication and IT tool and with technology changing so quickly, it is vital that all businesses embrace social media in order to secure a place in the future business landscape.

However, without a proper thought through company policy that defines the optimum ways to use these tools and helps avoid some of the pitfalls, it is likely that a business will not see much benefit from social media and may even damage their brand as a result.

It’s important to adapt your own social media policy to fit your particular type of business, nevertheless this free download should serve as a useful starting point for most organisations.

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