Registering an EU-wide trade mark application

Posted by on Jan 27th, 2014

Trade marks are filed for goods and / or services for which the trade mark is used or intended to be used. This blog post serves as an overview of what my fees are for filing an EU-wide trade mark, accurate as at the date of publication.

All goods and services, in trade mark terms, are split into 45 different categories and the cost of filing a trade mark application will vary depending on the number of categories covered by the application. Our cost for filing a trade mark application in up to three categories is usually a fixed fee of £500 (+VAT), plus an official fee of 900 Euros which is payable to the registry. Each additional category will cost £50 (+VAT) (our fees) plus an official fee of 150 Euros.

These figures represent an all-in cost from filing to registration, but they assume that the registration process is smooth (i.e. no objections or third party oppositions are raised). If objections or third party oppositions are raised, then additional costs will be incurred.  However, we would discuss the objection / opposition and the likely cost of dealing with it that with client before incurring any additional costs.

I do also normally recommend that a client undertakes some searches before filing a trade mark application and before commencing use of a trade mark to determine what (if any) risks are associated with using / registering the mark as a result of third party conflicts. I can discuss this further with the client if required.

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