Why Work With Us

Last updated on May 25th, 2022 at 11:47 am

In order to be as client focused as possible, we differentiate ourselves from most law firms in the following ways:

a) Fixed and transparent pricing: Wherever possible we offer fixed fees and will only ever charge you for work you’ve expressly agreed to as clearly outlined in our engagement letter. Even when we can’t guarantee a fixed price (e.g. for litigation) we will break work down to the constituent parts we can identify and price it accordingly so clients can decide at each stage whether to continue to instruct us.

b) Straightforward approach: We pride ourselves on adopting an unlawyerly like flexible, no nonsense and practical approach in tune with commercial realities.

c) Modern and lean setup: We’re very light on bureaucracy and overheads (no expensive office space, large support staff or highly-paid young lawyers), leaving us free to adopt the latest technologies and focus on client work as best we can without having to pass on unnecessary costs to clients. For example, our website was built for a few hundred pounds yet attracts in excess of 20,000 page views a month which is more than law firms employing hundreds of people.

d) Social: We’re highly networked to the best ideas, practices and service providers. This post describes why we think the sophisticated use of social media by lawyers is important. Jonathan is known as one of the most connected and followed lawyers online, with thousands of useful relationships built up around the world. We also use carefully curated Facebook and Whatsapp groups of lawyers to easily (and confidentially) access alternative legal views, specialist insight and build bespoke teams for new matters. Every legal issue involves and relates to people at the end of the day so we believe our social and communicative orientation helps our clients achieve results.

e) Entrepreneurial expert lawyers: We mostly work with an all-star cast of other self-employed lawyers who are more in tune with what it takes to run a business and are free from the pressures and billing targets of an employer. This approach means we can cherry-pick the top legal specialists to suit any budget and utilize them on an as-needed basis, which is not only cost-effective but enables us to provide clients with a better service away from the silo-thinking and inflexibility of traditional law firms with retained employees. Each lawyer we work with has at least five years of relevant specialist experience and a client’s matter is therefore never delegated to inexperienced lawyers getting on-the-job training.

f) Accessible: We’ll always respond to an email within 24 hours, 365 days a year. We are always available on mobile phones and where possible will take your call rather than let it go to voicemail.

g) Founder focused: We have a genuine passion for entrepreneurship and want to see many more businesses grow and succeed. Unlike most law firms we do a lot of work for startups and the vast majority of our clients are the owners of private companies of different sizes and stages of development. We therefore know how to resolve the common issues entrepreneurs face and can get corporate transactions done quickly and efficiently. Larger firms are more geared for the big fish that generate large and recurring legal fees (such as venture capital firms and public companies) and are less able to give entrepreneurs and startups the attention and advice they need.