We believe in cost transparency and certainty and providing the best possible services at prices you can budget for.  Apart from certain areas of work like some multi-party cross border transactions and particularly fractious and uncertain litigation, we always look to provide people who contact us with very competitive fixed fee quotes.  If anything is agreed to be done on a time incurred basis, we offer sensible hourly rates, keep you regularly updated on costs and look to complete matters in the most time efficient manner.

Through our network of service providers and combining technology and people appropriately, we aim to meet or beat any other quote you have or could get for the same type of work.

We have a modern business model that helps us drive down prices and add value in the following ways:

1) We work virtually, thus avoiding unnecessary and expensive rents and rates;

2) We utilise the latest technologies, particularly cloud computing and social media, to create efficiencies and make us more resourceful;

3) We have no inefficient partner model to support, we also have no employees and therefore no salaries, national insurance contributions and employment benefits to pay for, we only work on a contract basis with motivated self-employed entrepreneurs who can deliver great value for clients;

4) We are highly networked which helps us find and create optimum solutions and leverage our influence and relationships for your benefit; and

5) Our team are all over the UK and the world, enabling us to secure better prices and pass the savings onto you, while ensuring quality control and client service is always managed by us in the UK.

We will soon publish a fuller list of the fixed fees we can offer, but in the meantime the following are prices (subject to any VAT) we generally propose for some common areas of work:

Service Price
Incorporation of a UK limited company with standard articles of association, share certificates, advice on share capital and director appointments £100
Confidentiality agreement particular to a certain set of circumstances £150
Freelance agreement for a self-employed consultant £250
Shareholders agreement where the members number no more than five £800