Shareholders Agreement Deed of Adherence


This clearly word template deed of adherence can be easily adapted for when a new shareholder of a company obtains shares and is required to be added as a party to, and be bound by, any shareholder agreement already in place.

When to use this deed
Typically this deed will be used when the company has a new shareholder as a result of an existing shareholder selling their shares. It can also be easily adapted (or incorporated in a subscription agreement) to suit the scenario where a company is issuing new shares to new shareholders.

How to use the template
Once purchased you can download the template in Word format to then edit accordingly. The agreement highlights sections in capital letters surrounded by square brackets where relevant information needs to be inserted in place of such square bracketed text.

As the document is produced as a deed each party needs to sign to the right of their name, while an independent person (i.e. not a relative) adds their details underneath such signature as a witness.

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