How we helped the Bladebone Inn get in the newspapers

Posted by on Aug 28th, 2013

Today’s newspapers (well, at least the online versions that I saw) carried a story about a pub in Berkshire where the owner’s riposte to a negative TripAdvisor review had gone viral.  You can see the story in both The Telegraph and the Daily Mail.

It seems that the viral effect was caused by two tweets myself and Aren Grimshaw sent out last week linking to the review:

I first saw the review and landlord’s response on Facebook when Aren commented that it was interesting that nobody was liking or commenting on this post on Facebook, yet he had put the same content on Twitter and it had started to generate a lot of retweets and replies.  I was curious to see if my Twitter following would also find the tweet worthy of sharing so I copy pasted Aren’s tweet and then watched as it very quickly started to also get a lot of attention.

Aren originally came across the TripAdvisor exchange when a friend on Facebook commented on someone’s profile who had shared it.  Aren then decided to also share it across his Facebook and Twitter accounts. As far as we know there were no other references to the TripAdvisor review when we shared it on Twitter, having googled it at the time with no results.

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