Is the EU good or bad for British business?

Posted by on Dec 13th, 2013

This morning I attended a debate at Europe House organised by Open Europe and the European Parliament UK Information Office. The purpose of the debate was to address the following issues:

– Does negotiating international trade agreements as a 28-country strong bloc help or hinder the UK?

– What are the prospects for getting better trade deals with countries such as the US, India, China and Brazil outside the EU?

– How would the UK’s global commercial position be affected if it left the EU?

– What sectors of the economy have the most to win or lose from the negotiations for EU-wide compromise?

– Are the EU’s trade negotiations sufficiently transparent or is there a need for more parliamentary scrutiny?

The debate was chaired by Chris Giles, Economics Editor at the Financial Times and the speakers and panelists were Jacqueline Minor, Head of European Commission Representation in the UK, Mats Persson, Director of Open Europe, Vicky Pryce, economist, Stephen Adams, Partner of Global Counsel LLP, Dr Syed Kamall MEP and Leader of the UK Conservative Delegation in the European Parliament and William (The Earl of) Dartmouth MEP, UKIP.

The following tweets sum up some of the key points made during the morning’s debate and discussion:

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