Eye-Opening Statistic

Posted by on Feb 5th, 2021

As common as it is to say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” websites are subject to an extreme level of snap judgements that immediately influence perceptions of credibility. Whatever impression people get of our website visually, it doesn’t tell the whole story in terms of how popular and successful it is.

We recently thought we’d better check on Google analytics to see how well our site is performing given it had been at least a year since we’d last delved into this data.

Regardless of appearances, we are pleased to say that the Jonathan Lea Network website continues to attract new users, engage with repeat visitors and generally act as a valuable resource for the business community, both in the UK and around the world.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that in January we attracted 25.8k unique visitors, a 25.2% increase from December 2020 (albeit usually a quiet month), of which 89.2% are new visitors and 10.8% returning visitors. If we maintain this momentum then we will easily attract more than 300,000 users over the course of 2021.

Other aspects of our website statistics that are of note:

  • 00.58 average session duration;
  • 87.5% organic search visitors;
  • 3.7% coming direct; and
  • the UK remains our largest audience with 55.6% visitors, followed by the USA with 8.4%.

Since we started our online shop, it’s also been interesting to monitor the type of people who download our legal template products, which last week included someone in the Caspian port of Turkmenbashi in Turkmenistan who purchased a UK freelance consultancy agreement!

We are not aware of any publicly available data on law firm website traffic, but we are confident that we receive many more visitors and attract a higher volume of new leads than the websites of much larger law firms.

About Jonathan Lea

Jonathan is a specialist business law solicitor who has been practising for over 14 years, starting at the top international City firms, before then working at smaller practices and since 2013 for himself.

The Jonathan Lea Network is now a SRA regulated law firm that employs solicitors, trainees and paralegals who work from a modern office in Haywards Heath. This close-knit retained team is enhanced by a trusted network of specialist self-employed solicitors who, where relevant, combine seamlessly with the central team.

If you'd like a competitive quote for any legal work please first send an email to wewillhelp@jonathanlea.net with an introduction and an overview of the issues you’d like to discuss, following which someone will liaise to fix a mutually convenient time for a no cost no obligation initial call with one of our fee earners.