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The following link takes you to a share certificate that can be used for a UK private limited company when shares have either been transferred or issued to a new shareholder:

Share Certificate Template

Wherever you see text in capitals surrounded by square brackets this indicates where you need to remove both the capitalised text and square brackets and insert the correct information in their place in uncapitalised form.  If your company has only one director then just his/her signature is needed on the share certificate, otherwise two directors or one director and the company secretary should sign the certificate.

A share certificate certifies that the person named on it is a member of the company in respect of the number and class of shares stated on the certificate and provides evidence that they have title to such shares, while also providing a defence against a shareholder’s name being mistakenly or fraudulently removed from the register of members.  However, regardless of the certificate, shares will still either have had to be correctly transferred or issued to the new shareholder and the shareholder’s name needs to be added to the company’s internal register of members.  According to the Companies Act a company must issue a share certificate for a member’s shares within two months of the allotment or the date of transfer.

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