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Where the provision of equity does not fall within a company’s growth plan or the receipt of private equity / VC investment is otherwise unavailable, companies will often seek to raise capital via debt finance. There are structures and protections that borrowers can offer to lenders to make an attractive lending proposal, we can advise on and implement such structures and mechanisms.

Often acting for high net worths, sophisticated investors, family offices and their financial advisers, our corporate team can advise on what lending options are best suited to those seeking to redeploy capital. We can implement bespoke funding solutions to safeguard at risk capital whilst ensuring borrowers have the flexibility to operate commercially.

We advise lenders and borrowers involved in a wide variety of lending transactions and debt investment / finance rounds, including:

  • asset finance and invoice discounting;
  • bridging loans;
  • convertible loan notes;
  • corporate bond issues;
  • derivatives and trading instruments;
  • FCA financial promotions;
  • leveraged finance transactions, including secured vendor finance as well as deals involving third party debt packages;
  • letters of credit;
  • loan note issues and loan facility agreements;
  • personal and company guarantees and indemnities;
  • property and development finance;
  • real estate finance;
  • registering charges at Companies House and the Land Registry; and
  • security documentation.

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